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いや、想像の中では変な時もあるけれど…いったいどうしたチャーリー…公式から出たクリップなんですけど… BETTER OFF SINGLE – Official Clip HD – Mental Health




最初に付けられたタイトルは”Stereotypically You”だった。


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A new film from Red Square Pictures and writer/director Benjamin Cox, Better Off Single is the NYC dating comedy that follows one man’s hallucination-fueled, post-breakup quest to find new love… and himself. Better Off Single stars Aaron Tveit, Abby Elliott, Lauren Miller Rogen, Kal Penn, Chris Elliott, Lewis Black, Shane McRae, Kelen Coleman and Annaleigh Ashford.

When Charlie Carroll quits his job and his girlfriend on the same day, it seems as though he’s finally found freedom. But after a quick dip in the dark waters of the NYC dating pool, Charlie begins to wonder if he’s made a mistake. He’s not equipped for single life. In fact, Charlie might not be equipped for life in general. With no job and no love, Charlie is forced to go on a journey of self-discovery so intense that he begins to suffer from surreal hallucinations, flashbacks, and fantasies. Will he find “the one?” Or did that ship already sail, taking with it his only hopes for relationship sanity?


“Ever notice that when you’re not in a relationship, everyone else is in a ridiculously happy one?”- Charlie

On paper Charlie Carroll seems like a catch: he’s handsome, early 30s, and has a good job at a Manhattan ad firm. But for some reason, Charlie has always struggled with women. It seems like he’s never in a relationship, while everyone else is in a ridiculously happy one. But Charlie never let his feelings get the best of him… until Angela. Angela – the love of his life. But when Charlie loses Angela and his job in one day, he begins to lose his sanity as well.

In the wake of the Angela break-up, Charlie attempts to get over his ex and find “the one.” But despite his best efforts, he can’t drop his Angela obsession. Charlie becomes more desperate and unhinged with every passing day. She visits him in flashbacks, fuels his hallucinations and haunts him in strange sex fantasies. Fortunately, Charlie has some good friends to help him through. But Charlie’s constant dating rants are starting to get on everyone’s nerves. If love doesn’t come soon, a full-fledged nervous breakdown will.


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