YouTube: Aaron Tveit’s Favorite Pop Culture Couples of All Time | MTV News
Aaron Tveit (Moulin Rouge) sits down with MTV News to share his five favorite pop culture couples of all time, like Jack and Rose from ‘Titanic’ and Romeo and Juliet.


  1. Jack and Rose in ‘Titanic.’
  2. Romeo and Juliet in ‘Romeo and Juliet’
  3. Chandler and Monica in ‘Friends’
  4. Noah and Allie in ‘The Notebook’ 邦題「きみに読む物語」
  5. Harry and Sally in ‘When Harry Met Sally’ 邦題「恋人たちの予感」

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– I think I’m a good person to judge what makes a perfect love story because, I don’t know, I’ve gotten to play some characters that have been wrought, really wrought over their own love.

I think playing Christian in ‘Moulin Rouge’ is kind of a perfect lead-in to this, as I’m pining for love every night, and literally kind of go to the depths of my soul to get there.

Hey, I’m Aaron Tveit and these are my top five favorite pop-culture couples of all time.

I think a good and memorable love story has to come down to kind of where it starts, whatever adversity they encounter, and then kind of where it ends or doesn’t end.

My first couple – I think a lot of people saw this movie – it’s Jack and Rose from ‘Titanic.’ It is a classic example of you know, kind of a kid from nowhere with no money and this very rich woman and they fall in love and of course they’re never supposed to be together because two people of different classes can’t be together, and they kind of overcome all of that to find each other in the end, all while this ship is sinking, sadly.

But then of course, Rose says she’s not gonna let go and lets go, so that’s not really cool.

I think there was absolutely room on that pallet door for Jack.

She could’ve slid over.

But while they had it, they had it real good.

Well, let’s just stay with Leo, why don’t we?

Why don’t we go ‘Romeo and Juliet?’ Kind of classic love story that has spawned countless stage adaptations.

‘West Side Story’ is ‘Romeo and Juliet.’ We do a little bit of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ with Christian and Satine.

But, you know, that’s one where they’re a bit young, and I think if they just had a little bit better communication, maybe they could’ve avoided both of them dying.

But again, while it was good it was real good.

Jumping to television here, I think the obvious one a lot of people would say is Ross and Rachel, but I’m actually gonna go Chandler/Monica in the ‘Friends’ world.

I think Ross and Rachel ran into some trouble when they were on a little break, or not a break, but Chandler and Monica, you know, they were friends first, and it really changed and evolved, and they knew each other, and by the end I think they really found a really great love between them that started as friendship and almost adversaries.

Adversaries? Adversaries?

I can’t say that word!

But there’s something about that, right?

You start as friends, and then it becomes something else, and you kinda get way wrapped up into it before you know, and I think theirs is a great example of that.

I’m gonna give Joey some relationship advice here.

I think he just needs to maybe think outside of himself a little bit.

This is one that I, as a child of the ’80s and ’90s and a teenager of the late ’90s and early 2000s, Noah and Allie in ‘The Notebook,’ I think is a wonderful example of a love story in our modern pop culture.

The way that movie is structured, too, you kind of see how they’re together, how they’re ripped apart, how they kind of find each other, maybe they don’t, but then you find out that obviously, it’s the older Noah telling the older Allie, who’s suffering from Alzheimer’s, their love story and I think that that’s something- you know, it’s really a tremendous way that it all turns around and you see that these people really fought for each other and ended up together in the end and kind of having this other love, later in life as it developed.

That’s a very sappy answer, but I think it’s a gorgeous story of the two of them.

And finally, my last and I think probably favorite pop-culture love story has to be Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan in ‘When Harry Met Sally.’ That movie, I think, when it came out and since, it’s my opinion that every rom-com, every comedy about love is just trying to be Harry Met Sally, because they got it right, right from the beginning.

What’s great about that is they kind of start loathing each other, and that loathing passion, but appreciation, turns into a deep love and bond.

Sometimes you realize it’s the people who can really push your buttons, those are the ones that are the closest and love you most.

I know that most of the couples that I mentioned don’t make it, but they also had some different circumstances.

One got on a boat that was brand new and supposed to be indestructible.

Never say something’s indestructible ‘cause that only means it’s not gonna work.

But some of the others, I think communication and making time for one another, that’s the formula to a long-lasting love.

Take it from Allie and Noah.

And avoid poison, yeah no poison and maybe just like if you’re gonna take poison, check that the other person didn’t.