Who says a good man is hard to find? If you want to know more about the city’s most captivating and accomplished single men, read on.


Aaron Tveit,29

One of the most versatile twenty-something actors, Tveit has appeared on Broadway (Catch Me if You Can), TV (Gossip Girl), and film (Les Misérables).

What’s new: Finishing the first season of Graceland, working on a couple of really exciting film projects, and releasing my first album.

Favorite New York moment: Performing on a Broadway stage for the first time in Hairspray in 2006.

Favorite neighborhood: Union Square—it’s a slice of the city.

Proudest achievements: Seeing two shows I worked on in development for years succeed on Broadway; fulfilling a lifelong dream to sing “God Bless America” at Yankee Stadium during a play-off game; and finally finishing my college degree last summer—11 years after I started.

What makes a good relationship: Honesty and the ability to laugh together, and often.

アーロン・トヴェイト 29歳




好きな地域: ユニオン・スクエア。この街の一部を切り取ったような場所だから。


良い関係を作るものは何か: 誠実さと、一緒によく笑いあえること。


Gotham – 2013 – Issue 6 – October